The ever-returning journey of selecting the best carriers is a time-consuming and expensive exercise for many companies. How can shippers make tendering easy and effective?

Freight Tendering is often not Easy


For many shippers it is a given that a freight tender is cumbersome, lengthy and consuming a lot of resources. This does not have to be the case but often people see tendering as a very manual exercise. Most companies run tenders via excel templates and send these out via e-mails.

Generic versus focused


Some use generic procurement tools and others use more freight-focused tools. Still, most tools need manual interference to ensure data and reporting is correct.

With TenderTool that is not the case. Tendering becomes easy when you have a platform that does the calculations and the analysis.

It als manages the carriers that take part in the tender. Easy dashboard functionality which keeps track of the statuses of different steps in the system. Carriers don’t’ upload files for the tender anymore but easily copy and paste information such as quotes directly into the browser. The system does the data validation automatically for you.


easy tendering

easy tendering with TenderTool. Contact via info@tendertool and ask about our ocean tender capabilities.

Easy Tendering: our latest tips


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Easy is becoming the standard


With TenderTool you will manage tenders in a new and easy way like never before! TenderTool is the user-friendly tendering tool that is rapidly becoming the standard in easy freight tendering.

To learn more about easy tendering with our cloud-based tool, please leave your details. We will contact you as soon as possible to schedule a free and open-ended demo.

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