Streamline your tender quotation process

Your challenge

Working with client tenders can be burdensome and difficult. You have to deal with many different formats and rate set-ups. You have to communicate mostly via e-mail with your pricing colleagues and send out and collect many different excel files. The tender process is very absorbing and leaves little time to spend on quality input of the tender.

The solution

An end-to-end solution to manage the quotation process from receipt of the tender till final delivery back to the customer of all of the price quotes gathered from you and your colleagues.

Your benefit

We automate and you save time. The platform simplifies internal communication about tenders and gives you full visibility in the quotation process. With simple dashboards you manage a tender pricing process from your fingertips.


1 environment for 3PL-Forwarders providing a full management solution for each step in the process via dashboards and widgets. All communication goes via the platform via messaging or general announcements. Extended reporting, scenario building, and analysis. 360 impact simulation. Dedicated user-roles. 


Technology-driven tender features

We have a wide range of features we can develop specifically for 3Pl usage. Ask us about it today!

3PL-Forwarder tender management

TenderTool is built to make freight tendering easy for everyone who runs a tender. Small, medium and large enterprises. Our focus is that we replace excel exercises around tendering so that data is automatically analysed and can be efficiently used for decision making online.