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5 key elements that will simplify your freight tenders

By May 31, 2016 No Comments

Freight Tender Platform

Running a Freight tender…like we have pointed out in our previous two posts, managing a freight tender is simply put not an easy job. So how can you avoid the usual freight tender pitfalls?

Freight Tender Platform infographic

Freight tendering can in fact be easy and efficient. This is exactly what we envisioned with TenderTool, the cloud-based tender platform that will create lanes and rate cards for you automatically. On top of that, our freight tender tool will enable you to run analysis, reporting and nominating of carriers is just a matter of clicks. This means, your excel data crunching will run via our cloud-based tool! Let’s take a look at 5 of our key elements that will make freight tenders easier.

5 key elements to improve your freight tender process

5 key elements of freight tenders

1. OUT of the BOX. No more trainings or instruction manuals. The tool is so INTUITIVE that you can start working immediately.
2. STOP constructing lanes in EXCEL. The tool makes the lanes AUTOMATICALLY when you upload your shipment file.
3. COMMUNICATION runs via the tender platform. No more e-mails and their notorious attachments.
4. The tool creates the RATE CARDS. You can CUSTOMIZE these rate cards online. It only takes clicking to create the perfect rate card.
5. SCENARIOS and simulations can be built ONLINE. Reporting is only clicks away!

TenderTool Freight Tender Solution

Find out for yourself how the TenderTool freight tender platform can improve your freight tender processes and request a demo at

Or request a free trial account where you can experience the tool for yourself. Create and simulate a freight tender all by yourself without external influence or training. Check our blog the upcoming week for more insights and videos on how to create a freight tender with the TenderTool Freight Tender Platform. Later this week we will show you how to set up a freight tender baseline in just a few minutes!

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