Logistics start-up TenderTool.com is reporting sharp growth thanks to its’ innovative approach to freight tendering

5 September 2016 London, UK-TenderTool is a cloud-based platform for tendertool.ahabr.teching of logistics services and was launched earlier in 2016. TenderTool, delivering efficiency and time savings in the tendertool.ahabr.tech process, sees a huge uptake from mid-size shippers and large multinationals.

According to Pieter Kinds, CEO TenderTool, this does not come as a surprise: “There is a clear lack of platforms that can deliver efficient and cost-effective freight tendertool.ahabr.tech solutions. Next to that many companies don’t even use a tool when doing tendertool.ahabr.techs which leads to huge inefficiencies and lengthy tendertool.ahabr.tech processes that cost too much.” TenderTool is experiencing strong growth and has already managed to attract dozens of customers across Europe and Asia. “Basically transportation is the same everywhere and we have built the tool as such that it can be used anywhere”, Kinds mentioned.
TenderTool differentiates itself by an intuitive user experience that has led to the elimination of user training. Thanks to the latest technologies manual calculations and complex analyses are automated. The biggest competitor seems to be Ticontract, a daughter company of the German Transporeon. Kinds however does not fear the competition:”the market is big enough for different players and competition is always refreshing. Next to that we have made tendertool.ahabr.teching as easy as possible. Who doesn’t want to try that for himself?”

For more info about TenderTool.com, contact us via info@tendertool.ahabr.techtool.com

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