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Before we go over to step 5-8, please take a look at How to create a freight Part 1, to get introduced to the first 4 steps of the TenderTool Freight Tender process. In this video, we take a closer look at:


Step 1 – Tender Name, Description and Currency

Step 2 – Non-Disclosure Agreement

Step 3 – Tender Documentation

Step 4 – Baseline, profile, Rate Card



Transportation sourcing: How to create a freight – Part 2


Step 5 – Questionnaire

In this phase, you can specify if you require your suppliers to answer a questionnaire. Just like the previous steps, you can choose to attach a company standard file, or you create a questionnaire from scratch. This is a very handy tool to specify weight factors for example and very soon we will show the full functions of this TenderTool feature!

Step 6 – Suppliers

Invite your suppliers to the freight by entering the company name, followed by one of more e-mail addresses of contact persons you wish to invite. Don’t touch the phone or send a bunch of separate e-mails, thanks to TenderTool you are now just a few clicks away from launching your Freight Tender!

Step 7 – Colleagues

Sharing is caring! If you wish to invite colleagues to stay posted or participate in the Freight Tender Process, make sure you add them in this step. The invited person will receive an e-mail to access the Freight Tender.

Step 8 – Timelines

Before opening your Freight Tender, inform the invited suppliers on the Freight Tender timelines to follow. you can quickly set-up milestones, start and end dates. The events are automatically shared with your suppliers!

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Transportation Sourcing and Reporting


Next week we will be back with more content! Since reporting is one of the most important features of e-sourcing / procurement, we will take you along for the reporting ride through our tool by showing you an infographic with all the analysis features we offer! For more instant information about TenderTool Freight Sourcing, please use the button below here!

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